Swimming is not only a sport at Hillcrest Prep but also a necessary lifeskill that needs to be learned by every pupil who comes through our gates.

We start teaching the children to swim at our E.C.D. during their P.E. lessons as well as in Grade 1 and 2. At these sessions, a firm foundation is laid where they are taught the basic skills required to swim all four of the strokes. The highlight of the year is their gala in the 3rd term where they get to showcase their skills and have some fun doing it.

Once they reach Grade 3 they can now join the swimming team. Here they receive training to build up their stamina as well as instruction on how to swim all the strokes correctly. If they are a member of the team then they are able to compete in galas against other schools and in Manicaland League galas. These League galas make them eligible for provincial selection.

Swimming occurs in 1st and 3rd Term.