Cross Country

Crosscountry competitions are done during the first term. the first copetitive event is the interhouse crosscountry which pits old rivals Falcon, Eagle, Harrier and Kestrel. The event is run in three age groups. These are juniours, middle group and seniors. The 2016 winners were Harrier and they hope to defend their title next year.

Some children also take part in national events like the Vumba Marathon hosted by Old Mutual and the TangandaTea Marathon. In 2015, six pupils from Hillcrest Prep took part in the Old Mutual Vumba Marathon. These were Nicole Chikosi, Panashe Nyamayaro, Lisa Mtetwa, Tadiwa Benyu, Ihara Napido, and Tanatswa Chikotosa was from Hillcrest Prep. Running the 5km division, Lisa Mtetwa came number 7 out of over 250 athletes , raising the flag of the Hillcrest Prep high!

We continue to groom our athletes to participate at the highest level and are looking forward to participate in more competitions this year.